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Birka-22 Inspired Metallic Brocade Trim

Originally posted on personal Facebook account 1/26/2020.

Now that it has been publicly seen…

(Delayed) DING!!!!
My latest project was some Birka 22 inspired brocade trim for Queen Margarita for her evening court garb, for… BIRKA! How appropriate, yes? 😆

Technical information:
31 cards 60/2 black silk from Eowyn de Wever ( warp and ground weft, with real silver plated thread for brocade weft (a single thread was the perfect proportion and coverage for the 60/2 silk) from Tied to History (
Final width: 9/16 of an inch wide (1.4cm)
Length: 36 inches long.

Sparkle factor: OMG!!! SO SPARKLY!!!
Time: it took between 1.5-2 hours per inch. Usually brocade takes me less time, but this band decided to be finicky.
The repeat pattern was 110 lines long, which ended up to be about 2 inches of weaving.

Original pattern used for inspiration(I made some small changes to my pattern), and technical information about the original band can be seen here, by Silvia Aisling Ungerechts:…/his…/fruehmittelalter/276-birka-b22

Thank you Sheva Rose for including my work on your AMAZING outfit! The whole thing was gorgeous, and our queen looked great as always! I also thank you for using every last bit of it. I loved how you used it on the headwrap and the panel! Beautiful job!

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