Arabella De Mere


Skjoldehamn Ankle Band 2

About the Project I am always flattered when I am asked to make something for an elevation, and will try my hardest to do what

Dyed Silk Blue Tyger Fabric

Originally posted on personal Facebook account 4/29/2020. Wow!!! Before and after!!! Rainbow Blue Tyger!!!! (Dark spots are fr

Double-Faced Hair Wraps for Elevation of Aurelia

Originally posted on personal Facebook account on 8/13/2020. Since it has now been seen publicly… I am very happy to have be

Sprang Bag

Originally posted on personal Facebook page on 4/9/2021. DING! Sprang has sprung! Inspired by my friend Eowyn de Wever, I thou

Embroidered Hankies

Originally posted on personal Facebook page on 4/17/2021. Due to everything else going on right now, I decided I needed a hand

Drawn Work Handkerchief

Originally submitted as part of the Laurels’ Challenges in A.S. LV. Original link:

Wire-wrapped Silver Wheel

Since it has now been delivered… Here’s a little something I made for a really wonderful person, my once apprentic

Custom Silver Wheel Medallion

First DING revealed! This is a Silver Wheel made for my dear friend Drustan! Very well deserved, as part of the EK College of

Wire-wrapped Silver Brooch

Since it has now been presented….secret DING #2… Congratulations to Cailleach on being inducted to the Order of th

Monochromatic Double-Twist Apprentice Belt

Since it has been given and now publicly seen…. This was my most recent big project. It is an apprentice belt for my dea

Monochromatic Twist Patterned Apprentice Belt

About the Band: This past Pennsic I had a discussion with my Laurel about our student-Laurel relationship.  She asked if

Embroidered Napkin Project

Detail of embroidered napkins done as a gift

Modified Snartemo V Inspired Band

Hello! Today I’m making my modified pattern for a band inspired by Snartemo V available for anyone who would like to use

Midrealm Largesse Project

I was asked to weave something as largesse for TRM of the Midrealm, from the East. Their personas are 10/11th cent. Swede. So