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Elevation Dress for Matthias von Würzburg’s Elevation

Originally posted to personal Facebook account on 2/28/2021.

Happy to report that I have started making my dress for Matt Jackson’s elevation.

I have cut the silk… This step is always the hardest for me. So, it’s done now… I’m only making a bliaut, so nothing too difficult.

The body panels are cut to length, maunche sleeves are being pieced together, top 1/2 cut out, bottom piece allotted but not cut to shape, gores allotted for and just need to be cut to shape, and trim cut from the sides of the original Sari. I have a plan to harvest trim from the pallu of the sari for one of the the sleeve seams, and I’ll be able to cut and line the sleeves and make a yoke with matching fabric to Matt’s outfit.

All the basic math and measurements are done, so now I just need to cut along the dotted lines, and piece it together. I’m thinking of doing laces on the side of this one, so I’ll have to sew eyelets, but that shouldn’t be too bad.

Thank you Vika for helping me pick out the right sari from my stash, it really helped me to formulate a plan!

Edited to add sari pictures: Here is a picture of the trim for the sari…the background and main body are a beautiful midnight blue, with gray brocade. Those dots on the main body are peacocks! 🦚

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